Head First

Head First, the only Finnish funk metal act from the early 90’s worth giving a damn is reincarnating its existence after 30 years.

Waltari’s Kärtsy Hatakka was the leader of the band at the same time when his other cross over monster Waltari was starting to raise its head in the European markets. Head First played lots of shows in Finland in that time creating a good following with their danceable mixture of funk, old school metal and prog rock. Since Waltari started to eat up all of Kärtsy´s time in the 90’s, Head First was buried and stayed like that as late as 2017. Kärtsy then joined forces with the original members guitarist Jaani Marttila and drummer Sami Timonen with Jesper Anastasiadis from the metal act Turisas joining in on bass to start this reincarnation of the project.

They stepped straight into the studio to create new music based on their original funk metal style. And now this marvelous material is yours to hear.

Step right into the good times of old school funk metal with a fresh edge and burst out your mind with groovy beats, virtuoso playing and heart-racing energy!



Short samples:


The Stars of Life

Daddy Long Legs

Sand Castles

Freedom's a Fake

Larger Than Movies


See HEAD FIRST LIVE @ Lost in Music festival, Tampere
Venue: Maanalainen
With Pretty and Giant Mammoth.
HF Playtime 11 pm.

Perkele, it FINALLY happened!

After 30 years of waiting our self-titled debut album is out!
Thanks to Metalville Records.

Check your local and virtual dealers for your hard of soft copy. The VINYL version also available!

HEAD FIRST T-shirts available now!

Check out the links to the video and single releases below!

Yet another single release before the Big Bang on May 27. Check out the ALIVE lyric video on

Head First YouTube channel

The single is also available on Spotify

Artwork by Eino Taina. Graphic Design by Harri Skaren.

To support the debut album release on May 27, the video of the 2nd single release SAND CASTLES is out now!

Head First YouTube channel

The single is also available on Spotify

Cover art by Eino Taina.

The video STARS OF LIFE is out!

The first single, Stars of Life (radio edit) from our debut album is available in Spotify
Cover art by Taru N. Hohtonen.

Album Cover art by Eino Taina.

On March 27 we had a video shooting session with our photographer Jarkko Tiitinen.

We managed to nail a massive amount of footage, both credible and embarrassing. And yeah... a couple of parking tickets. :-) So, the first single releases will be supported by amazing videos!


HEAD FIRST T-shirts now available!

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